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Drinks Menu

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Unique to the Champagne region in France. Undisputed, Champagne is the universal drink of celebration. It is produced in the traditional way, Methode Champenoise, where the Wine undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in abundant ne bubbles.

Sparkling Wine

Made from the traditional method in the Cape, Methode Cap Classique (MCC). South Africa produces some excellent MCC’s, arguably comparable in quality and style to top bubblies around the world.

Sauvignon Blanc

A native cultivar of Bordeaux, produces a racy, zesty style that is inty and dry. Sauvignon Blanc, locally, gets better with each passing vintage. Complements most Seafood dishes.


the unoaked version with pronounced Citrus notes and the wooden version with lively Buttery and Vanilla avours. Best paired with Meat.


A unique South African cultivar from Pinot Noir and Heritage varietals. Enjoyed with Chicken whilst full-bodied match up to Red Meats and Game


Characterised by velvet smoothness and rich Coee Chocolate aromas and avours. Complements mostRed Meats and full avoured Poultry dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This variety produces some of the most prestigious Wines in the world that may improve and retain structure and Fruit intensity over several decades. Wood maturation is always incorporated in the vinication of these Grapes creating perfect harmony between barrel and intrinsic Berry characteristics. A perfect match for the full avoured Red Meat dishes, Steaks, Game and Duck.